By Adairs Bus

There are various fun and exciting activities around the Central Coast that us older adults can be involved in to ensure we lead an active lifestyle. Got your eye on some fun seniors activities around the Central Coast, Adairs Bus & Van Hire is ready to help ferry you around in one of our luxury vehicles. If you would like to tour this beautiful region and don’t fancy driving (you’d instead enjoy the day without the added stress), hire a chauffeur!

Here are some fun activities in and around the Central Coast for us oldies!

In and Around the Central Coast

The Central Coast is a region endowed with beautiful beaches and parks. There’s so many activities and places you can visit, that also promote fitness and being healthy? Pack the bags, get mingling and stop boredom from creeping in.

1. Visit the Farmers Market

A hired chauffeur from Adairs Bus & Van Hire can drive you to and from the our local farmers markets around the area. 

While here, enjoy some all-natural products, such as honey and other fresh-farm produce grown by the locals.

2. Participate in Public Social Events 

There’s so many different seniors social events, it’s hard to pick one! Bring a smile and some fun back into your grandmas life, with a local bingo night or day on the green.

You could try:

  • Sightseeing: Friends and families can visit several breathtaking sites (some places you might never have been to). Hire a driver to take you around these intriguing sites at a comfortable pace. Or, look into joining a social group with other seniors and visit exciting historical sites together!
  • Birdwatching: Make a day trip to one of the Central Coasts fantastic parks and watch the all different native species fly by. 
  • Photography: There’s no age limit to learning how to use a camera. Give your ol’ pop the camera and let him tour our fantastic parks and nature, and grab some pics of our local wildlife.
  • Picnics: Pack your favourite snacks or lunch and head out with friends or family to enjoy a picnic under a shady tree by the lake.
  • Fruit picking: Accompany friends to local fruit farms and spend your time picking fruits, wandering around vineyards or tasting a glass or two of red wine! Whichever your fancy.

3. Sporting Activities 

There are a host of different sporting events around the Central Coast. Staying active is, and always will be, one of the most important things we can do as we age. Why not try the following:

  • Golf
  • Lawn bowling
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Pool
  • Beach ball, etc

4. Coach Trips

Adairs Bus & Van Hire has convenient and luxurious coaches or minibuses to drive you and your group throughout the Central Coast, and marvel at some of the most beautiful sites – without much hassle!

5. Day Trips

If you want to indulge in a whole bunch of different activities, why not take a day trip with friends or family? Adairs Bus & Van Hire has a wide range of vehicles that are custom-made to suit the needs of all our customers, from self-drive to disability transport, we can do it all.