Leave the driving to us?

Are you uncomfortable with driving a large van or bus and just want to relax and enjoy the trip? Are you organising a wine tour, office party or wedding group and want to make sure everyone has a great time free of driving responsibilities?

Maybe you’d like to go to a concert or sporting event with drop offs and pickups right outside the door – no parking, no late night queues for public transport! Whatever your reasons, a chauffeur-driven Adairs van or bus is a great way to make your trip easy, stress free and safe.

All of our van and bus drivers are certified with excellent driving records. They’re also great people with polite, cheery natures, so you can be sure they’ll keep things light hearted and fun.

Drivers you can trust

Why put you, your family, friends and colleagues at Risk for a few dollars? Sadly there are a lot of unaccredited operators out there who claim to do exactly what we do. They’ll pick you up, they’ll drop you off and, if you’re lucky, they’ll get you home in one piece. If they don’t, beware as they may be operating illegally.

Adairs is accredited with Transport for NSW as a tourist vehicle operator, which basically means we have a transparent code of conduct. Our vehicles have to be safe. Our drivers have to be trained and qualified with ongoing training programs. You may save money elsewhere but not get the same pleasant and comfortable experience.