Do It Yourself Tours – Taste the Flavours of Our State

Do It Yourself Tours – Taste the Flavours of Our State

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get away for a few days, a week, (or even longer!) to tour around our wonderful state?!

An economical way to travel with your group is a ‘Do It Yourself’ tour. We provide you with a modern, sleek, economical vehicle. You provide your own driver and plan your own itinerary.

We want to work with happy, adventurous people who are looking to grow their life experiences, make new friends and get out and about to experience the beautiful attractions and scenery that NSW has to offer.

Adairs is currently developing the capacity to empower groups in formulating their own tours by assisting with information, websites, ideas, and connecting our customers with nice people from around the traps.

We have a range of automatic vehicles including 8 seater ‘people-movers’ (iMax) and 12 seater Toyota Hiace Commuter buses (11 passengers, plus driver), which can be driven on a normal car license. Well appointed, enclosed lockable trailers are also available if required.

We also have larger vehicles to accommodate groups with more than 11 passengers; your driver will just require a light rigid (LR) license. Take a look at our fleet to get an idea of the range of high quality vehicles available for hire. Why consider a ‘doing it yourself’?


  • ‘Do It Yourself’ tours are fantastic in giving you flexibility of working within your own time frames, itinerary and budget.
  • If you’re inspired to detour, or linger longer in a particular place, you’re free to do so because you’re in control.


  • ‘Do It Yourself’ tours are extremely economical. High costs are linked with paying someone else to do all the planning and ground work for you. Instead, do it yourself with a little support and guidance from Adairs.
  • When the vehicle hire component is split between the members of your group, the price per head for the vehicle is one of the smallest costs associated with your tour.

If you’re interested in designing your own Do It Yourself tour, register your interest with Adairs today on