Professional Tour Drivers, Paid Award Wages

Professional Tour Drivers, Paid Award Wages

At Adairs, we receive many enquiries from a host of wonderful people who are looking for our help in being a part of their journey.

Popular journeys include:

  • A trip to the wineries
  • Functions and special events such as luncheons and concerts
  • Transporting wedding guests
  • Airport and cruise transfers
    … the list goes on!

It is always our great pleasure to assist people in getting to where they want to go and being a part of making their day a success. We have modern, sleek and economical vehicles to suit a variety of different group sizes, and professional, experienced drivers to charter your group.

What many people do not realise is that Adairs, by choice, are members of the Bus & Coach Association of NSW. This keeps us abreast with the modern trends and changes so we can look after our customers more effectively.

Part of this includes support in our adherence and compliance to regulatory laws, and one of these regulations ensures our drivers are paid under the ‘Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award 2010’, including Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates.

Naturally, this means that trips which occur on a Sunday (or Saturday night rolling into early hours of Sunday morning), and public holiday jaunts to the countryside, will cost you a little more. However, you’re secure in the knowledge that you have a happy driver who is paid appropriately by a legal and ethical operator.

We understand that in today’s economic climate, every dollar counts. The design of your trip in how you utilise the driver can make a big difference to cost, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively, considering a self drive hire is a fantastic option. You have exactly the same quality vehicle, with your own driver, and save considerable dollars.